Tracing environmental health hazards in environment and agriculture

Agricultural food and processes bio-safety, drinking water quality, contamination, agricultural and otherwise, are growing concerns and can become a problem anywhere, at any time. Mobile sensing applications allow moving the screening and tracing processes cost-effectively right to the field, where they are required.

Monitoring of food contamination and surveillance of food-borne diseases requires a coordinated multidisciplinary approach with the participation all sectors from the farm right through to the public health sector. Surveillance data from all stages in the food production chain and from the surveillance of human disease could be continuously collected at a local level and analyzed to evaluate trends and sources of food-borne disease. The transmission of the measured data to epidemiological and microbiological experts from all sectors for further data analysis facilitates dedicated and systematic surveillance at all levels.

Environmental hazards and biosafety

Screening for and monitoring micro-organisms to prevent and contain food and environmental hazards

Other application types to explore :

Medical Diagnostics

Medically, diagnostics is the process to perform specific tests enabling the diagnosis of a specific health condition by a qualified person. Many diagnostic tests, particularly non-invasive tests, are particularly suitable for mobile systems.

Medical Screening

In medicine screening is a process to detect infections or diseases before any sign or symptoms of a disease are apparent and is thus particularly well suited for mobile devices. Screening is cost effective and enables medical treatment at an early stage when chances of success are highest.

Sports, Fitness, Rehab

For athletes and adepts of physical fitness, cardio-pulmonary exercise testing, or, for people that have suffered an accident, surgery or illness, activities to help rehabilitating heart and lungs, mobile devices are essential to test physical performance in real-life situations.

Tracking fraudulent drugs

Drugs of dubious origins have big disadvantages for both the user and the original manufacturer. Being able to trace these at customs and by the end-user himself can help to significantly reduce public health hazards.