Innovative technology opens boundaries in mobile health care !

An enormous, worldwide effort goes into research to detect biological, chemical and physical substances. All kinds of microscopic devices and technology are being developed to advance mobile health care:

  • Identify Viruses, Oligonucleic acids, Peptides, Volatile Organic Compounds and other molecules.
  • Physiological measurements adapt to today's new medical and health technologies.
  • Wireless communications technology is reliable and requirements.
  • Smart phones are powerful and ready for sophisticated applications.
  • Small and physically unobtrusive devices combine with mobile devices and applications.

The path to universal health care clearly leads us to combining today's sophisticated mobile devices technology with small, off the shelf sensors or the newly emerging biological semi-conductors and conductors. By doping these with the desired biological material they are capable of specifically detecting the compounds, molecules, viruses or bacteries we are looking for. These are the stepping stones toward the health care of the future: Mobile, wireless, medical diagnostics takes health care into this new, mobile dimension, making it universally available to everybody. Everywhere!

Signals from a Carbon nanotube, nanowire, biological FET, chemical resistors and biopotential electrodes are collected by a transmitter and sent wireless to smartphone apps, the Internet and the Cloud.

From tiny detection devices, through wireless transmitters to Smartphones and the cloud

Sensors, Transducers and MEMS

Existing and future micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) and other detection devices are designed to react with specific compounds and molecules.

Here you can find some examples of the many suitable detectors for mobile health care.

Wireless communi­cations

Thanks to the IEEE 802 standard today's mobile communications are versatile and reliable.

Proven, well established standards combined with existing and upcoming communications technology allow seamless integration with sensing devices.

Acquiring and processing

Data acquisition and signal processing prepare the data for transmission, typically to a mobile device.

Here you can find what such a system typically looks like.

Mobile and cloud applications

What's the use of all this sophisticated technology if you cannot read, analyse and interpret it ?

Software does this job, in the form of mobile apps, internet or cloud based applications.