Athletic performance and preparation programmes

Cardio-pulmonary exercise testing is ideal to monitor the effectiveness of competitive preparation programs and to tune the timing for a scheduled peak performance. Results are collected and analysed for each session and integrated into a progress monitoring calendar over a given period.

CPET for athletes and fitness testing uses the same type of measurement devices that are applied in cardio-pulmonary rehabilitation programs. These compact, mobile devices, together with wireless transmission give the athlete the closest experience of measuring physical performance in a real-life training environment.

Medical Screening

Typical cardio-pulmonary exercise data during as training workloads increase.

Medical Diagnostics

Medically, diagnostics is the process to perform specific tests enabling the diagnosis of a specific health condition by a qualified person. Many diagnostic tests, particularly non-invasive tests, are particularly suitable for mobile systems.

Medical Screening

In medicine screening is a process to detect infections or diseases before any signs or symptoms of a disease are apparent and is thus particularly well suited for mobile devices. Screening is cost effective and enables medical treatment at an early stage when chances of success are highest.

Bio-safety, Food Safety

Dedicated sensors can trace specific chemicals, bacteria and other compounds. Mobile devices are ideally suited to detect and quantify toxic material right on spot with minimal handling exposure you can expect to see around soon.

Tracking fraudulent drugs

Drugs of dubious origins have big disadvantages for both the user and the original manufacturer. Being able to trace these at airports and other transportation nodes can help to significantly reduce public health hazards..