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Mobile, wireless medical devices are the future of medical healthcare. They have several advantages over traditional medical systems, such as:

  • Through their usage of off-the-shelf devices such as smartphones they are affordable for all, including residents of developing countries.
  • They are potentially far safer than traditional medical devices when connected to patients. The risk of electric shocks is virtually inexistent because the sensor and electronics are powered by small batteries capable to supply just as much power as required and are completely separated from electric mains supplies.
  • By simplifying the use of diagnostic methods and delegating the handling to medical support personnel or directly to the patient, they make medical diagnostics less costly and more widespread.
  • Ultimately, medical personnel can handle more patients at less cost and elderly people
A typical mobile medical device overview

Mobile medical diagnostic device consisting of sensors, signal processor & transmitter and a smartphone

Our product philosophy

We see our role in creating or contributing to the creation of successful mobile medical products by acting as a catalyst for key players from the numerous domains involved in this process:

  • Research institutes and universities
  • Hospitals and medical practitioners
  • Nurses and medical support personnel
  • Industry, OEMs, consumables and accessory suppliers
  • health and safety regulators
  • Public health actors and government agencies

to make mobile healthcare services accessible to all. Through the integration of nanotechnology and micro-electro-mechanical based detection devices with today’s wireless communication standards and systems – Smart phones, Tablets and Cloud Computing

Components in mobile sensing products

As we have seen in the Technology section, our products consist of:

  • Sensors or transducers
  • Electronic signal processors
  • wireless connections using Bluetooth, ANT or NFC
  • Portable devices for user interaction and analysis

Sensors, devices, software

As mobile devices become ever more powerful, nano-sized bio-sensors capable of detecting a widening range of compounds proliferate

Find-out what sensors, transmitters and mobile devices can provide you mobile medical analysis.

Diagnose, screen, monitor

A wide range of analytical laboratory testing can benefit from the increased mobility that nano-sensors combined with portable devices can achieve.

Learn more about laboratory tests and methods that can safely move to the field.

Get involved!

You can benefit from wireless healthcare in many different ways or engage yourself in the process of making it happen.

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Answering your questions

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