Tracking down dangerous healthcare products

Arguably, the worse thing about counterfeit drugs and other healthcare products is not that they are illegal...

It is that they are so dangerous to your health! Their use can result in treatment failure or even death. Over 50% of drugs sold over the internet are of questionable origin, not to mention the manufacturing conditions. They are difficult to track down because their identity and source are deliberately and fraudulently mislabelled.

Regardless of all other implications, in the end it comes down to the fact that they never, ever can be trusted because they: wrong ingredients, without active ingredients, with insufficient or too much active ingredient, or with fake packaging

  • contain the wrong ingredients
  • do not contain active ingredients
  • have an insufficient quantity of ingredients
  • have a to high quantity of active ingredients

You can get an idea of hhow harmful this cab be by considering that the median lethal dose of botulinum toxin, Botox, is 1ng/kg, that is 1 nanogram per kilogram of body weight.

Mobile sensing technologies can offer new ways to track down counterfeit drugs including by the individual end-user. With the NFC standard becoming increasingly available on all smartphones countefeit drug tracking can effectively be ported to everybody and at very little cost.

Other application types to explore :

Medical Screening

In medicine screening is a process to detect infections or diseases before any sign or symptoms of a disease are apparent and is thus particularly well suited for mobile devices. Screening is cost effective and enables medical treatment at an early stage when chances of success are highest.

Sports, Fitness, Rehab

For athletes and adepts of physical fitness, cardio-pulmonary exercise testing, or, for people that have suffered an accident, surgery or illness, activities to help rehabilitating heart and lungs, mobile devices are essential to test physical performance in real-life situations.

Biosafety, Food Safety

Dedicated sensors can trace specific chemicals, bacteria and other compounds. Mobile devices are ideally suited to detect and quantify toxic material right on spot with minimal handling exposure you can expect to see around soon.

Products in the pipeline

In principle, each application type requires a specific product. In practice, however, we use only a few components that are application specific, sensors and software, for instance.

Here you can get an overview of some products that use these kinds of applications.