Wireless medical devices: New healthcare technology milestones

Nano-sized sensing devices combine with mobile technologies and take medical analytics outside the lab !

Everything is getting smaller and better! See for yourself:

  • Research to create small new sensors from biological and other materials is booming.
  • ANT, Low-Energy Bluetooth, NFC... Wireless communications become more suitable for mobile sensors.
  • Mobile phones and tablets already have the power today to acquire and process analytical data.
  • Information can easily be transmitted to the Internet and the cloud for further processing.

Mobile information technology has already revolutionized the way we communicate, gather information and get entertained. Today nano-sensors research and development, modern communications technology, mobile devices and the Internet converge to revolutionize medical technology. Small, wireless medical devices pave the path to the future of healthcare technology

Wireless medical devices are the natural next step in the evolution of healthcare technology

We haven't even scratched the surface yet of the possibilities arising from the advent of mobile medical technology. The simultaneous advances in wireless sensing combined with smart mobile devices takes traditional, lab-based medical analysis right to where you life and work.

Wireless medical devices improve your quality of life

Medical surveillance under real-life conditions can save lives. Health monitoring and the early detection of potential or life-threatening threats such as viral infections, cancers or diabetes bring benefits to all of us.

Wireless medical devices make all this accessible to you, regardless where you live, comfortably and less costly than in the laboratory.

Wireless medical devices can come in the shape of a Smartphone

Technologies, Applications and Products - The future of wireless medical devices.

Wireless medical technology

Nano-sized bio-sensors capable of detecting a widening range of compounds proliferate while mobile technology becomes more powerful by the day

Find-out what sensors, transmitters and mobile devices can provide you mobile medical analysis.

Diagnose, screen, monitor

A wide range of analytical laboratory testing can benefit from the increased mobility that nano-sensors combined with portable devices can achieve.

Learn more about laboratory tests and methods that can safely move to the field.

Develop Medical Devices

As in other domains before, healthcare is becoming more accessible and will change how we diagnose and maintain our health.

See what are the kind of products you can expect to see around soon.

Take your share!

A new dawn in medical healthcare is on the horizon. Find out how you can benefit from wireless healthcare.

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