Medical Diagnostics and patient monitoring

Many patients would prefer that medical diagnostics come to them rather than the other way round!

Others don't have much choice: chronically ill and recovering patients are often home-bound. Today many medical diagnostic tests can be designed for mobile devices. Simple to use applications allow the patient to initiate the test himself.

The results can be further processed in the mobile device for the benefit of the patient and transmitted to the competent medical personnel or the family doctor for further analysis.

Medical Diagnostics

Diagnostic tests can be performed remotely. Results are automatically transmitted to your Medical Doctor

Other application types to explore:

Medical Screening

In medicine, screening, a method to detect infections or diseases before any signs or symptoms of a disease are apparent, is particularly well suited for mobile devices. Screening is cost effective and enables medical treatment at an early stage when chances of success are highest.

Sports, Fitness, Rehab

For athletes and adepts of physical fitness, cardio-pulmonary exercise testing, or, for people that have suffered an accident, surgery or illness, activities to help rehabilitating heart and lungs, mobile devices are essential to test physical performance in real-life situations.

Bio-safety, Food Safety

Dedicated sensors can trace specific chemicals, bacteria and other compounds. Mobile devices are ideally suited to detect and quantify toxic material right on spot with minimal handling exposure you can expect to see around soon.

Tracking fraudulent drugs

Drugs of dubious origins have big disadvantages for both the user and the original manufacturer. Being able to trace these at airports and other transportation nodes can help to significantly reduce public health hazards..