Who we are and what we do !

Our purpose is to converge medical analytics, biochemistry, physiology and biomedical instrumentation with current and forthcoming information and communications technology.

We have actively contributed to the various stages of medical and analytical instrumentation from large, expensive stand-alone systems to the miniaturized and IT-conscious laboratory equipment of today. We have acquired experience and knowledge in Information and Communications Technology over many years. We have contributed to the advance of mobile devices by creating and producing secure mobile transaction systems.

We see the advent of even smaller, portable devices as a natural development based on the progress made over the last decades.

What we want to achieve

Our goal is to harness mobile medical sensing technologies and thus making diagnostics universally available, to anyone, at anytime. By transmitting data from wearable sensors and bio-chemical detection devices to smart phones, our systems inform the user in real time about his state of health.

They measure and monitor critical vital signs such as heart rate, respiratory rate, oximetry and other physiological data, clinical chemistry, haematology, immunology and so on. Collected data and resulting parameters allow the GP and the specialized physician to diagnose symptoms remotely under real time conditions.

The range of applications is vast, ranging from monitoring of chronic illnesses to the quality of sleep, from the detection of health hazards to the detection of life-threatening diseases.

Find out how you can benefit from mobile healthcare

All of us will get advantages from the progress and advances in mobile sensing technologies, simply by improving our quality of life through more affordable and accessible healthcare. Many of us will probably benefit in more tangible ways, coming from our involvement in processes and activities which trace the route for the healthcare of the future.

You are maybe active in research in life sciences or communications technology. Or you possibly manufacture sensing devices or accessories for wearable sensors that could be adapted to the new technologies. Maybe you have heard the buzz about how mobile health will revolutionize medical care and would like to get involved. Or maybe you would simply like to be kept informed about what is happening in this exciting field.

Take your pick and see what mobile sensing has in store for you!

Our Vision

Mobile-Sensing.com will distinguish itself at the forefront of medical diagnostic practices. Our purpose is to improve the quality of life by providing the tools to monitor, screen and diagnose medical conditions to the people who need it most, the patients and their physicians and healthcare specialists. We pay special attention to the developing world in the developing world to contribute to accessible and affordable healthcare for all through mobile medical technology.


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Research and Deve­lopment

If you are active in any scientific discipline related to life sciences, health care or mobile communications and information processing, we would love to hear from you.

Particularly, if you are working for a recognized Swiss University, Technical or Research Institute, or other higher education school we may find common ground to work together using government funds we have already obtained.

Partner­ships for success

The range of products, supplies, accessories and services which have a role to play in new mobile medical care is vast.

This new area is wide open and opportunities can arise in ways no one thought about yet.

So don't hesitate, get in touch with us and find out how you could benefit from working with us.

Investing in the new healthcare

The new healthcare is not just a buzzword. Everybody has heard about its importance and the benefits that can be reaped by making way for more cost effective methods in every and each medical domain.

If you not only want to see the new healthcare happen, but to contribute to and gain from it we will be very happy to hear from you.

Just keep me informed

Maybe at this time you do not want to take an active part in the advances of mobile medical technology. Or maybe you just would like to see how it develops over the next months or years

In this case we would be delighted to count you among our supporters and will keep periodically informed on what is happening in mobile medical disciplines.