Communication Protocols for Mobile Health

Today, Mobile Sensing Technologies can thrive on all the work that has gone into establishing reliable, integrated and standardized wireless connections. The IEEE 802.11 is today’s standard for practically all wireless networking. It evolves constantly to adapt to new technologies and requirements. Whenever it is possible, it is the implementation of choice for mobile medical devices and other wireless systems that require reliable, high quality communications.

Communication standards for mobile software applications

Overview of Network protocols

Thanks to wireless communication protocols, these components graciously integrate into a mobile medical diagnostics system:

Sensors, Transducers and MEMS

Molecular detecting devices, sensors, transducers and micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) are designed to react with specific compounds, molecules or minute forces. And there are many more to come.

Here you can find typical sensing technologies suitable for mobile healthcare.

Acquire and process

The raw signals collected from detection devices need to be condioned before they can be reliably transmitted to a mobile device for analysis or transmission to the internet.

These tiny Data Acquisition and Processing Devices are typically integrated with the detection device.

Interpret and analyse

The first results analysis is typically done on a mobile device. The analytical data may then be forwarded to an internet or a cloud application from where it can be accessed by medical personnel and subject matter experts interpretation and recording.

Have a look how such software applications look like.

Real-life wireless applications

What are suitable application areas for all these technological novelties? And which are suitable for mobile use? A large number of medical diagostic and screening methods are just waiting to be ported to mobile use, making it more accessible, efficent and affordable.

Find out more about laboratory tests and methods which can use this technology.