Mobile medical technology applications

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Today's powerful wireless technologies, wearable sensors and nano-sized detection devices open a vast potential in physiological observation, health monitoring, medical diagnosis and sports medicine. Significant advances in biology, genomics and medical imaging open further perspectives in mobile medicine.

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Medical Diagnostics

Caduceus = medcial examination

Most of today's medical diagnostics takes place in a dedicated medical laboratory or a hospital. The main reasons for this are the composition and size of medical analysis equipment. The advent of small devices capable of detecting specific bio-chemical compounds and wirelessly connected to a Smartphone or tablet puts the medical laboratory in the palm of your hand.

Screening for infections and diseases

Viruses and bacteria molecule

We all know that by their sheer numbers and reproductive capabilities, viruses and bacteria represent a serious health hazard. New wireless sensors have been specifically designed to identify these threats. Connected to a mobile device, they can take efficient screening techniques right to where people are most exposed.

Medical rehabilitation

Cardio symbol

Measuring the effectiveness of rehabilitation programs can be tedious. Progress made by the patients through the different stages can be cumbersome and may inconvenience the patient. Wearable sensors let you take physiological measurements during exercises and monitor vital signs all around the clock.

Sports Medicine and Fitness

Fitness symbol

Athletes need it, Fitness buffs love it. Be it for the preparation to compete in an event or just for recreation, measuring performance and physical fitness effectively are important factors for success. Small, wearable and wireless - new devices take physiological and fitness monitoring and exercise testing a step further from conventional activity monitors.

Biohazard and food safety monitoring

Biological hazard symbol

What better way to prevent food poisoning and exposure to environmental hazards than to detect potential hazard right on spot? Wireless sensors reacting to specific chemicals or biological materials turn your mobile device into a Biohazard Detector.

Pharmaceuticals tracing and tracking

Pharmaceutics - Drug symbols

Medication intake is indispensable for illnesses such as diabetes and it is important to keep track of it for both patient and doctor. Today there are already quite a number of mobile apps that help keeping track of time and dosage taken.

Self-medication, on the other hand, can be quite dangerous, especially if the drug have been purchased from dubious sources and its origin and composition is not known. Wireless technologies such as NFC can help tracking fraudulent pharmaceuticals.

Measurement techniques


Physiological measurements assess the function of major body organs. They are integral to diagnosis and therapeutic intervention in clinical care. Although common measurements like blood pressure and body temperature are physiological measurements too, the term is normally used for areas such as cardiac, respiratory, gastro-intestinal physiology, audiology, ophthalmic and vision science, and sleep disorder studies.


Biochemical measurements qualify and quantify cellular structures and components in living organisms. These comprise proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, nucleic acids, enzymes and other molecules. Detection devices are increasingly of biologic origins themselves and interact directly with the component to be measured. This makes sensors of this nature very small in size and even further enhances their wireless capabilities.


Although strictly speaking a part of biochemistry, genomics offer such a vast potential in mobile healthcare analytics that they merit to be treated separately. It comprises the analysis of DNA and RNA. Among modern detection devices, gold or silver nanowires react specifically to a given DNA, determined by the coating material used.


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